Participating Churches

SKINNYSANTA was created in 2017 by Dustin Fulton while he was the Lead Minister at Restore Community Church in Omaha, NE. Our list of participating churches for 2019 will be published and regularly updated starting October 1.

Here’s what a few pastors said about the SKINNYSANTA challenge:

“Skinny Santa was a perfect Christmas series for us. It was instantly relevant and relatable because, well, who doesn’t like Santa? Everyone leaned in to learn more about the real St. Nicholas. Weaving his life story in with the biblical Christmas narrative was a wonderful way to teach and challenge our people to live more simply and give more generously. We chose to use this series to support a youth organization that works with local schools to provide food for needy kids. Through this series, our church fully sponsored every child in the program in two elementary schools as well as a local preschool! Skinny Santa was a huge success in our context.”

— Mike Edmisten, Lead Pastor, Connect Christian Church in Cincinnati, OH

“Skinny Santa helps to carefully address the fat red elephant in the room: What does Santa Claus have to do with Christmas? The historical figure who became the legend that is St. Nick had a deep desire to care for the less fortunate. Integrating his real story into Jesus’ story is less of a leap then you might think. How often do you hear people say that they need to cut back this Christmas? The Skinny Santa series is a perfect and practical way to do just that.”

–Joel Eynon, Lead Minister, Cross Plains Christian Church in Carrollton, GA